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Assisted Living at Its Finest
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About Our Home

Passionate HealthCare Services is an assisted living facility that’s tucked in a warm, friendly community in St. Paul, Minnesota. Our home allows residents to live a wholesome, enriched life while being cared for by professionals who strive to know them personally and understand their needs best. We don’t limit our residents on what they love doing. Despite their challenges, we still want them to have the freedom to express themselves as they continue to thrive in an environment that promotes their independence and dignity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve, provide compassionate care, and promote independence and wellness through independent living skills.

Our Vision
  • To create an environment where each resident feels valued, respected, and contributes to his/her quality-of-life decisions.
  • To promote an environment where there is compassion, love, and a sense of belonging.
  • To assist in promoting a positive, vibrant, and spiritual community for members who are committed to their faith.

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